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Texas Family Members involved in Human Trafficking Ring sentenced to Federal Prison

Texas Family Members involved in Human Trafficking Ring sentenced to Federal Prison

Houston, TX: Authorities in South Texas believe that four members of the same family ran a large-scale human smuggling business, and they have all been sentenced to federal prison.

According to Homeland Security Investigations in Del Rio, Texas, the family members were sentenced to jail terms ranging from six and a half to fifteen years on March 15.

On March 15, U.S. District Judge Alia Moses handed down 10-year sentences to four individuals: Eva Maria Galeas, 43, of San Antonio; Lisa Marie Ortega, 25, of San Antonio; Sandra Galeas-Mejia, 48, of Mexico; and Norma Galeas-Mejia, 52, of Honduras.

In addition, Roberto Galeas-Mejia, Eva Galeas, and Ortega’s $603,593 in a safe that was found during the search of their Del Rio house was ordered forfeited by Moses.

Roberto Galeas-Mejia, 47, of Honduras, was found guilty of conspiring with the four individuals, according to court records. According to the authorities, he was the head of a human smuggling organization in San Antonio. His responsibilities included coordinating payments, transporting and housing undocumented noncitizens, and being the stepfather to Ortega and the other two defendants. He is married to Norma Galeas-Mejia Galeas.

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Norma Galeas-Mejia, Sandra Galeas-Mejia, Eva Galeas, and Ortega were all implicated in the acceptance and withdrawal of funds from human smuggling, according to officials. Paying drivers and stash house operators, renting stash houses, and funding other aspects of the enterprise were all done through the conspirators’ bank accounts. Personal expenses, like buying a car, were also covered by the funds.

In 2019, the family members were apprehended by the authorities; in July 2022, a federal jury found three of them guilty.

“These defendants, along with Roberto Galeas-Mejia, built a family enterprise through human smuggling operations,” said U.S. Attorney Jaime Esparza for the Western District of Texas. “Thanks to our federal partners at HSI and Border Patrol, along with our state and local law enforcement partners, the Galeas human smuggling business ultimately failed. All five members of the family will serve extensive federal prison sentences, joining many of their co-conspirators after several years of apprehensions and disruption to their efforts.”

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The family used to run a human trafficking system that has operation across the whole of Texas, including Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and many other cities,

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