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Texas and Oklahoma Shaken by Massive Wildfire; Evacuation Operations in Full Swing Across Both States

Texas and Oklahoma Shaken by Massive Wildfire; Evacuation Operations in Full Swing Across Both States

A large fire is currently spreading uncontrollably, posing a threat to towns in the Texas Panhandle and leading to evacuations.

The Smokehouse Creek Fire, the largest wildfire in the region, has grown to 200,000 acres since starting on Monday afternoon, as reported by the Texas A&M Forest Service.

The fire, propelled by strong winds and intensified by dry, unusually warm weather, is spreading very quickly and has not been contained at all.

Evacuations ordered for parts of Hemphill and Roberts counties due to approaching fire This covers the town of Canadian, Texas, located approximately an hour and a half northeast of Amarillo, Texas.

Evacuation order issued for parts of Fritch, Texas due to separate fire, according to city officials and the Texas A&M Forest Service.

Approximately 100 individuals may be impacted by the evacuation directive, as stated by Moore County Emergency Management Coordinator Tommy Brooks in an interview with CNN.

There is a forecast for a strong cold front moving through the area on Tuesday evening, leading to a change in wind direction that may impact fire spread.

Over 11 million individuals in the south-central US face red flag warnings on Tuesday due to springlike warmth, gusty winds, and dry air causing hazardous fire weather conditions.

Texas and Oklahoma are facing extremely hazardous situations.

Several significant wildfires broke out in the Texas Panhandle on Monday due to dry, warm, and windy weather.

Check Timely Updates of Northwestern Oklahoma Wildfire Damage occurred on Tuesday

13 wildfires in Texas scorched at least 77,135 acres on Monday, as reported by the forest service. Four fires in the state’s Panhandle caused the majority of the damage: the Smokehouse Creek Fire, the Grape Vine Creek Fire, the Windy Deuce Fire, and the Juliet Pass Fire.

As of Tuesday, all four fires were still burning, with three proving challenging to contain due to erratic fire behavior caused by strong winds of 40 to 60 mph.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the current status of the fires is:

  • Smokehouse Creek Fire: 100,000 acres burned with 0% containment
  • Grape Vine Creek Fire: 30,000 acres scorched with 20% containment
  • Windy Deuce Fire Update: 8,000 acres scorched with 20% containment
  • The Juliet Pass Fire was close to being fully contained by Tuesday afternoon following its spread across almost 3,000 acres.

Fire weather conditions are forecasted to improve throughout Wednesday as the cold front passes. Expect breezy winds across the Texas Panhandle early Wednesday, gradually calming through Wednesday evening.

Temperatures in Texas are set to drop, with highs in the 50s, 60s, and 70s replacing the 80s and 90s from Tuesday.

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