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Tennessee Man Stabbed Wife and Burned Her in Front of Their Kids; Wife Somehow Survived and Husband Lands in Jail: Authorities

Tennessee Man Stabbed Wife and Burned Her in Front of Their Kids; Wife Somehow Survived and Husband Lands in Jail: Authorities

A man from Tennessee has been arrested and is now in custody for the horrific crime of stabbing his wife and abandoning her in a burning structure, according to authorities.

A 28-year-old man named Zachary Mowel is facing serious charges including attempted murder in the first degree, aggravated arson, aggravated assault (domestic-related), and domestic assault, as stated in a press release by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

The incident took place on Monday evening. Firefighters quickly responded to a house on North Charlotte Street in Dickson, a small town located on the western edge of the Nashville metro area.

According to the bureau, a law enforcement investigation conducted by local police and state agents found that Mowel assaulted his wife, poured gasoline on her, and subsequently set their home ablaze.

A family member of the victim claims that law enforcement have not fully disclosed the true extent of the crime.

Tori Ila Elizabeth Trotter, the twin sister of the woman who was attacked, initiated a GoFundMe campaign to assist with medical expenses and lost income.

An online fundraiser details the shocking events that unfolded when Tessa Mowel returned home from work on Monday evening.

Trotter alleges that her husband betrayed her by using a kitchen knife to inflict multiple stab wounds to her neck, chest, and back. Additionally, she claims that he subjected her to a brutal assault, striking her face over 30 times.

Following the incident, the victim’s sister described the attack as both cruel and chilling, adding to the mystifying nature of the event.

Trotter’s chilling account describes a horrifying act of pouring gasoline on someone and setting them ablaze, all while observing the tragic scene unfold. After setting the house ablaze, he callously abandoned her, leaving her to face a tragic fate. The incident unfolded in front of their young children, aged 5 and 8, who witnessed the horrifying scene and desperately begged their father not to harm their mother.

Tessa Mowel, on the other hand, managed to survive.

She is currently recovering in stable condition at the trauma unit of Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville.

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The victim’s condition is extremely severe, with paralysis from the waist down, third degree burns on her right leg, a collapsed lung, multiple broken ribs, and a total of nine stab wounds, as reported by her sister.

It is anticipated that the recovery process will span more than a year, while the fundraising efforts persist. The children are now under the care of their twin sister.

The horrific nature of the torture is emphasized by the disturbing details uncovered by investigators at the scene. Tessa Mowel was found amidst the chaotic smoke near the residence’s back door, with a knife still embedded in her body, as revealed in court documents as reported by Law and Crime.

The impact of the violence on the distressed family is evident, but there is a lack of information regarding the events that precipitated the attack.

Law enforcement have not provided a specific motive for the incident. According to the TV station, the victim informed the police about a violent altercation she had with her husband.

However, according to law enforcement, the man took responsibility as soon as the police officers arrived at the scene of the fire.

The defendant is currently being held on a bond of $765,000 at the Dickson County Jail.

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