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Teenage Stabbing Brawl: 5 Juveniles Injured in Las Vegas Apartment Complex after Stabbing Spree

Teenage Stabbing Brawl: 5 Juveniles Injured in Las Vegas Apartment Complex after Stabbing Spree

Las Vegas, NV: A stabbing incident occurred at an apartment complex in the west Las Vegas Valley resulting in the injuries of five juveniles.

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department verified that the stabbing occurred on Thursday, just before 6:30 p.m., at an apartment complex located in the 6200 block of West Tropicana Avenue, close to Jones Boulevard.

A heated argument escalated into a violent altercation involving a number of minors. Among the five teens who had injuries, two of them had minor injuries, and two other juveniles sustained serious injuries as a result of a knife.

The authorities revealed that all the juveniles ranged in age from 15 to 17 years old. The authorities have not revealed the names of the victims as per their juvenile status.

There were no injuries that were considered to be life-threatening, and the number of people who were involved in the stabbing remains unknown, according to the police reporting.

As of Thursday evening, the inquiry was still on. The officers are trying to figure out who started the stabbing and how many juveniles were involved in the incident.

Teens in Las Vegas are increasingly becoming active in criminal activities around the city. This has raised serious questions for both parents and the authorities. Recently, a teen was charged with murder charges after he tried to kill another teen. The incident happened when the two had organized a drug deal that went wrong as the buyer had no money and then tried to snatch the drug pens.

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Also, drug trafficking is becoming a serious concern for the residents mainly parents. Many juveniles are falling into the pitfalls of drug abuse. Fentanyl, a deadly drug has emerged to be the primary cause of overdose death.

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