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Teen Shot in Targeted Shooting Near High School in DC

Teen Shot in Targeted Shooting Near High School in DC

A 17-year-old boy sustained injuries in a targeted shooting on Friday morning, according to D.C. police, while he was on his way to a high school in the Northeast.

The unidentified boy was shot in the calf at approximately 10:30 a.m. on Friday near the KIPP College Prep High School in the 1400 block of Brentwood Parkway NE, according to Assistant Chief Andre Wright of the Metropolitan Police.

According to Chief Wright, the teenage victim was being followed by a white, four-door sedan while he was making his way to school. The teen victim was then shot by an unidentified number of people at an intersection close to KIPP’s campus. Authorities reported that 14 shell casings were discovered at the site.

According to the police, the boy hid inside the school before getting help. Although the teen was targeted, Chief Wright noted that police haven’t yet determined a motive. How many suspects were involved in the shooting is still a mystery to the police.

“Whatever’s precipitating these beefs, these arguments that then escalate and introduce a gun into the equation, I will say to parents and community: Talk to young folks and then reach out to the police department and let us know what’s going on so that we could get out in front of this,” the chief said.

In May, a shooting incident close to KIPP College Prep High School resulted in injuries to an 18-year-old student.

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