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Teen Faced Sexual Molestation for 6 Weeks Straight; Perpetrator Pumped her Full with Drugs to Shoot Videos: Lawsuit against South Carolina Foster Care Agency

Teen Faced Sexual Molestation for 6 Weeks Straight; Perpetrator Pumped her Full with Drugs to Shoot Videos: Lawsuit against South Carolina Foster Care Agency

A lawsuit alleges that a South Carolina state agency responsible for safeguarding vulnerable children failed to protect a teenage girl, leaving her in the care of an individual described as a “monster.”

A lawsuit alleges that Gregg Martin, who is facing multiple sex crime charges, subjected his victim to a horrifying ordeal of grooming, drug use, and both mental and physical abuse over a period of six weeks.

A legal action has been taken against the state’s social service department and individual caseworkers for allegedly disregarding the victim’s mother’s pleas to remove her daughter from the home. It is claimed that they failed to ensure the Martin home was a safe environment, even before the sexual abuse allegations were made.

“The extent of the child’s suffering inflicted by an abhorrent individual was truly unimaginable,” shared the family’s lawyer, Debra Butcher, in an interview with Fox News Digital.

Martin, 56, was apprehended by the Richland County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina in March for suspected sex crimes involving a minor in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

Several criminal charges have been filed in the Peach State, including the use of computer services to engage minors in illegal activities, sharing explicit material with minors, and engaging in inappropriate online contact with a child. The number of criminal charges in South Carolina has now reached 14, with the majority of them relating to the alleged abuse of the teenager under his care in 2022. Additionally, there have been at least three charges in Georgia, as per court records.

Martin’s bond was revoked in mid-April, and he is currently being held in a Richland County jail.

A teenager was taken away from her home by the Department of Social Services while they looked into accusations of abuse and neglect involving her father.

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According to a lawsuit filed in South Carolina in February by the Foster Care Abuse Law Firm, she was sent to live with Martin, who was the family of the victim’s best friend, despite her mother’s objections.

However, the victim’s family felt compelled to comply with Protective Services’ demands after they were allegedly coerced into signing a safety plan, fearing that their child would be placed in foster care.

During an abuse investigation, a safety plan also referred to as an alternate living arrangement, is usually implemented to temporarily place a child with a trusted relative or close family friend, as explained by Robert Butcher, one of the family’s lawyers.

For a period of approximately five to six weeks, the state entrusted her to Martin.

According to the lawsuit, there was a lack of agency oversight during that time, resulting in no one checking on her. This allowed Martin to allegedly engage in disturbing behavior, including taking explicit photos of his victim and subjecting her to abuse, as stated by Debra Butcher.

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