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Teen Chopped Friend’s Body and Stuffed it in Trash Bags in Utah, Killer Files Insanity Claims in Court to Evade Prosecution

Teen Chopped Friend’s Body and Stuffed it in Trash Bags in Utah, Killer Files Insanity Claims in Court to Evade Prosecution

Salt Lake City, UT: A teenager killed and chopped his friend’s body and stuffed the body in trash bags. The horrific incident happened in Taylorsville.

The accused killer’s fate may be altered by a new defense team filing, which has the Taylorsville teen’s family concerned that the case may take an unexpected turn.

Rowdy Aguilar, who is now 20 years old, is a juvenile detainee for the murder of Ivan “Nick” Vetecnik in 2021, when Vetecnik was 15 and Aguilar was 17 years old.

In connection with the alleged horrific stabbing and dismemberment, Aguilar attended a pretrial meeting at the Salt Lake County District Court on Friday. The elder sister of Nick, Samantha VanTreese, who resides in Texas, was able to attend remotely.

After their mother passed away in 2019, Nick’s father passed away in December 2020, according to Samantha VanTreese. Still, she said that Nick Vetecnik always managed to find a joke or an excuse to make other people laugh.

Ivan Nickolas “Nick” Vetecnik (Photo source:

However, Nick Vetecnik’s severed and dismembered body was discovered in May of 2021, with his parts placed into garbage bags. He was allegedly stabbed 26 times in the head, according to investigators.

The body of Nick VanTreese was found in the utility trailer of Aguilar’s father, according to the affidavit of probable cause. Investigators discovered Nick VanTreese’s remains in trash bags in the field behind the house, along with a knife and the odor of cleaning solution in the trailer.

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According to the records, Aguilar’s room contained a bloodstained t-shirt. According to detectives, Aguilar said he was at his girlfriend’s house all day and had no knowledge of Nick VanTreese after his arrest. Claiming to have cut his hands while attempting to barbecue ribs, he supposedly explained away his injuries.

Right now, Aguilar’s legal team is claiming that their client plans to enter a not guilty plea based on his insanity. According to a defense filing, Aguilar was found to suffer from delusions and “did not know that he was taking the life of a human being but rather a non-human alien” according to an evaluation by a professional psychologist the defense hired.

Aguilar was given 30 days by the judge to undergo the state’s mental evaluation during Friday’s pretrial meeting. As things stand, Aguilar’s trial is scheduled for August.

Samantha VanTreese is concerned that she would not conclude the case with the satisfaction of having achieved her desired outcome.

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