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Teacher Used Dating Apps to Kidnap and Rob Gay People in Chicago, arrested and charged with multiple Crimes

Teacher Used Dating Apps to Kidnap and Rob Gay People in Chicago, arrested and charged with multiple Crimes

Chicago, IL: The Chicago Police have filed numerous charges against a man who used dating apps to reach gay men to kidnap and rob them.

Three men allegedly fell prey to 33-year-old Antonie Perteet over three weeks.

An ex-teacher at a Christian-based school is facing kidnapping and robbery charges after reportedly meeting men on the homosexual hookup app Grindr. Antonio Perteet was apprehended in Chicago on March 26th by the Vehicular Hijacking Task Force.

A number of offenses allegedly perpetrated against male victims in June and July 2023 have the 33-year-old facing accusations. Multiple criminal offenses, including aggravated vehicular hijacking and armed robbery, are against Perteet, according to a statement from the Chicago police.

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Three males were reportedly victimized by Perteet over three weeks. The ages of the victims varied from 30 to 50.

The accusation is that Perteet used Grindr to locate his victims and then used the addresses he obtained to carry out attacks. According to the prosecution, a friend played a role in the conspiracy by helping to kidnap the guys and then using psychological pressure to get their bank details.

They persisted in their heists throughout the autumn. The man he met on the gay dating app was walking his dog on October 8th, when he and his accomplice saw him. According to CWB Chicago, they returned to his residence while brandishing weapons and then robbed him.

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In addition to threatening the guy not to look up, prosecutors said that Perteet stepped on his face. In the home invasion, Perteet had already linked with the victim and restrained him using painter’s tape, belts, and a cloth over his mouth.

According to WBBM News Radio, Perteet is a married man with four children. He taught exercise classes at the learning center. At least fifteen guys were involved in a separate series of robberies that officials believe may be related to his suspected activities. So yet, Perteet’s status as the primary suspect in those crimes remains uncertain.

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