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Taxpayers’ Money Will Turn Luxurious Apartment Building Into Migrant Shelter in New York City

Taxpayers’ Money Will Turn Luxurious Apartment Building Into Migrant Shelter in New York City

New York City: Some Harlem residents feel they were tricked into accepting migrants when they didn’t want them.

The taxpayer-funded transformation of a building construction on Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd., which was advertised as a luxurious condominium complex, will instead house homeless people and possibly migrants.

Some locals are furious over the sudden change of use. What a remarkable turnaround for the Harlem property, which was formerly known as WA Condominiums.

There was zero engagement with the community over this proposal. Marquis Harrison, chair of CB 10, lamented the building’s prolonged vacancy.

Advertised as a market-rate lux living area with an indoor pool and apartments featuring marble bathrooms, the 35-unit building was located at 2201 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd, close to 130th Street.

A nonprofit organization is leasing the property from the New York City Department of Social Services/Homeless Services to serve as a refuge for migrants and the city’s local homeless population, following the developer’s financial troubles that led to foreclosure.

After residents in the area noticed workers bringing in bed frames and mattresses, city officials verified to Community Board 10 that they had contracted to operate a shelter there.

The decision to use this site for either long-term New Yorkers or newly arriving migrants will be determined by need, according to a representative from the DSS.

People living in Harlem are upset that working-class people are leaving the uptown area due to high housing costs and a lack of cheap housing options. They want to know why the idea of turning the abandoned luxury apartment building into affordable housing is not being explored.

As a result of the situation at the southern border with Mexico, cities like New York have been dealing with relentless influxes of migrants.

Estimates put the cost of the issue at $10.6 billion through the 2025 fiscal year. Over the previous year and a half, over 170,000 migrants have landed in the Big Apple, with 66,000 remaining in the city-run shelter system.

Now that the border issue has been going on for three years, the city has opened over two hundred and ten emergency shelter locations to accommodate them.

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