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Tax Hike on the Cards as Memphis City Council Ready for Proposed Property Tax and Trash Fee Increase

Tax Hike on the Cards as Memphis City Council Ready for Proposed Property Tax and Trash Fee Increase

The Memphis City Council has scheduled a discussion for Tuesday regarding the proposed property tax increase and trash pickup fee increase.

The tax increase proposal is included in the mayor’s budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year. There is a proposal for a 75-cent increase in property taxes.

The current rate stands at $2.70 per $100 in assessed value. The updated rate for $100 in assessed value would be $3.45.

Mayor Young highlights the allocation of additional funding towards various initiatives that benefit the residents of Memphis. These include beautification projects, support for Memphis-Shelby County Schools, a salary increase for city employees, and the provision of additional resources and opportunities for the city’s youth.

The city’s Solid Waste division is proposing a 23% increase in trash fees. The monthly cost for trash pick-up in Memphis is approximately $30.

Solid Waste Director Philip Davis is suggesting a gradual increase in rates over a span of 3 years. This would result in a monthly rate of $36.85 in the first year, $39.80 in the second year, and $42.58 in the third year.

Davis suggests a solution to the problem of people leaving extra waste items outside their trash bins, commonly referred to as bulk waste.

The increase would also provide support for blight efforts, improve wages for employees, expand the number of drop-off locations, and ensure the replacement of city pick-up trucks every 10 years, as stated by solid waste staff.

Both proposals are currently being reviewed for the second time.

The items must go through three readings before city council members can cast their votes to either approve or reject the proposals.

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