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SWAT Standoff with Chainsaw-wielding Man in Los Angeles

SWAT Standoff with Chainsaw-wielding Man in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA: A tense police confrontation with a man reportedly wielding a chainsaw outside a Subway in Mission Hills concluded peacefully on Tuesday.

The confrontation commenced at approximately 3:20 p.m. near Sepulveda Boulevard and San Fernando Mission Road, as reported by police from the Los Angeles Police Department.

They were initially summoned to the location on reports that the man was carrying a chainsaw in the bed of the pickup truck.

Officers fired less-than-lethal weapons as the subject started pouring gasoline in the vehicle bed.

Police are acquainted with the suspect and suspect he may possess a handgun.

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They claim to have been searching for him since he was connected to a separate incident that occurred approximately a month ago.

A man was observed concealing himself in the truck’s cargo area, with multiple LAPD vehicles around him. The truck bed also seemed to contain gardening supplies.

Sometimes, he was observed concealing his face in what appeared to be a washing basket.

SWAT troops were summoned to the location to aid in the standoff at approximately 4:30 p.m. They arrived in three BearCats about 5 p.m. and parked the armored vehicles just inches from the rear of the truck.

After almost three hours, the confrontation ended peacefully when the man exited the truck bed and surrendered to the authorities.

He was apprehended without any other issues and charged with assault using a lethal weapon.

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