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Substitute Teacher Slapped with Several Charges of Sexual Assault and Molestation in Mississippi; Multiple Students Reported Inappropriate Behavior to Police

Substitute Teacher Slapped with Several Charges of Sexual Assault and Molestation in Mississippi; Multiple Students Reported Inappropriate Behavior to Police

A nine-count indictment has been handed down in Jackson County, revealing new felony sex crimes charges against Keshawn Tre’Vyune Belcher, a former South Mississippi substitute teacher, as per court records. Belcher, a substitute teacher at Ocean Springs Middle School, was arrested in April 2023 on charges related to inappropriate conduct with a child.

Belcher has been indicted on multiple charges related to inappropriate conduct with a child and the dissemination of sexually-oriented material to minors. He has been held in custody without bail since his arrest last year.

As per court documents, the crimes were committed by Belcher over a span of five days in April 2023. According to the records, Belcher engaged in inappropriate behavior with a minor student, including sending explicit pictures and videos, soliciting sexual acts, and attempting to persuade a student to send explicit videos in return.

Ocean Springs police have reported that Belcher utilized Snapchat as a means of communication with students, sending them inappropriate sexual content and videos of himself.

Additional information regarding Belcher’s alleged crimes has emerged through three separate lawsuits filed by the parents of three minor students. The lawsuits name Belcher, the Ocean Springs School District, the temporary employment agency Kelly Services, Inc., and other unidentified defendants. These lawsuits have been subsequently transferred to federal court in Gulfport.

Kelly Services, Inc. has been chosen by the school district to handle the hiring of substitute teachers at Mississippi Coast schools. Belcher was assigned by Kelly Services to work as a substitute teacher at Ocean Springs Middle School. Three students, two girls and one boy, were involved in the lawsuits at Ocean Springs Middle School.

A former student at Ocean Springs Middle School has come forward with disturbing allegations against a teacher. According to the student, who was 13 years old at the time, she was subjected to a horrifying ordeal when the teacher, Belcher, lured her into his classroom under the pretense of assisting her with an assignment.

Upon the girl’s arrival, it was reported that Belcher was the sole individual present in the room. Disturbingly, he proceeded to prevent the girl from departing by forcefully grabbing her face and engaging in inappropriate actions such as kissing and touching her body.

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According to the lawsuit, the girl claimed that she was unable to escape as Belcher had a firm hold on her. As the school bell rang, Belcher was momentarily distracted, allowing the girl to slip away from him and flee the classroom. The girl promptly informed her parents and the school about the incident. In another incident, Belcher allegedly sent inappropriate text messages to a student at Ocean Springs Middle School who was 12 years old at the time.

Afterwards, he reached out to her on Snapchat and other social media platforms, expressing his interest in coming over to her place to watch TV together. Unfortunately, the girl’s parents did not grant permission for the visit.

In another incident, a 14-year-old student from Ocean Springs Middle School was allegedly the recipient of inappropriate messages sent by Belcher over Snapchat.

The students informed their parents about the incident, who then reported the allegations to the Ocean Springs police. The parents have filed lawsuits against the school district and Kelly Services, alleging negligence in the hiring process, failure to investigate and prosecute misconduct, and inadequate training and hiring of qualified individuals to monitor teacher activities.

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