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Stolen ATM & Drugs Recovered After Police Chase in Enid, Oklahoma

Stolen ATM & Drugs Recovered After Police Chase in Enid, Oklahoma

A police chase led to the arrest of 2 Enid men after they ripped and stole the ATM. The incident happened on Thursday.

The suspects stole the ATM in a car that was also stolen. Their car was chased by police cars. They were driving recklessly and crashed the car on the side of the road.

The two were taken into custody at the Garfield County Jail after their collision. The individuals are identified as Jason Kidd and Cody Jolley.

In addition to having a long criminal history, Kidd, 50, and Jolley, 39, are facing a long number of accusations, including second-degree burglary and eluding.

According to investigators, they stole the ATM from the Heritage Hills Shopping Center and were apprehended close to W Oklahoma Ave and S Cleveland Ave.

At 6:23 in the morning, a man jogging down W Willow Road noticed the two stealing the ATM and reported them to 911.

According to the police, the men tore the ATM off the wall with a chain. At a speed of up to ninety miles per hour, they led the police on a chase afterward.

Enid Police

The car they tried to flee in was reported stolen on Wednesday. After they slammed the car, Kidd and Jolley attempted to flee on foot.

An officer tasered Kidd to get him into custody. Police records show that Kidd had outstanding arrest warrants from another county.

It’s still unclear if they were intoxicated when the incident occurred, even though firearms and drugs, including methamphetamine and marijuana, were discovered with them.

The Enid Police Department reports that the suspects only managed to take off with the machine itself, not succeeding in obtaining any cash.

The Garfield County District Attorney’s Office will receive the charges after police file an affidavit.

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