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Stepmom chopped 7-year-old and real Dad fed the remains to the pigs; Real mom wins Lawsuit that accused failed child welfare system in Kansas

Stepmom chopped 7-year-old and real Dad fed the remains to the pigs; Real mom wins Lawsuit that accused failed child welfare system in Kansas

Topeka, KS: Kansas paid out $1 million to the mother of a 7-year-old kid who had sued the state for failing to protect her son from his horrific father’s murder and subsequent feeding to pigs in 2015.

Wednesday marked the public announcement of the settlement, which followed a lawsuit filed in 2017 by Adrian Jones’s mother, maternal grandmother, and older sister.

Michael Jones, Adrian’s father, and Heather Jones, his stepmother, were accused by authorities of torturing and viciously beating the youngster for several years prior to his death.

In exchange for their guilty pleas, Michael,53, and Heather, 38, are each serving 25–life sentences for the heinous crime.

Reportedly, Adrian’s father was granted full custody by Kansas child welfare authorities after Adrian’s mother, Dianna Pearce, lost custody of the son years ago.

Juvenile Gender-Affirming care fate in the hands of Kansas Legislators

At the time, the lawsuits claimed that ten employees of the Missouri Department of Social Services “chose to act like disinterested bystanders” and failed to intervene, prompting the Sunflower State and Missouri to file suit against the Kansas Department of Children and Families.

An undisclosed sum was paid to end the Missouri lawsuit in 2020

The settlement was authorized in a brief public vote by Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly and legislative leaders on Tuesday. The lawsuit was scheduled for trial in April 2025.

In Kansas City, Adrian’s stepmom and dad—a former bail bondsman—kept him company while he drank himself to death in a naked shower, all while the footage showed him being pounded.

In November 2015, police responded to a domestic abuse incident and discovered his body in a pigsty outside the rental house that Michael and Heather were living in.

According to a mountain of records made public by the Kansas Department of Children and Families, the agency had received allegations of Adrian’s abuse years prior to his death, but had no communication with the three of them for nearly four years prior to the child’s death due to the trio’s frequent relocations between Kansas and Missouri.

As stated by Dinah Sykes, the Kansas Senate Minority Leader, the group reached the deal in order to prevent the trial from detracting attention from the “mission at hand” of enhancing the child welfare system.

After Adrian’s death, in 2021 the state enacted “Adrian’s Law” mandating that child welfare personnel personally examine any child who is allegedly a victim of abuse or neglect.

Additionally, the law made adjustments to ensure that doctors could get greater training in child abuse identification.

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