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Statue of Baby Jesus Stolen From Church in Morristown

Statue of Baby Jesus Stolen From Church in Morristown

Morristown, New Jersey: The baby Jesus statue from a church nativity scene on Morristown Green has been reported stolen by the authorities.

Morristown Captain Keith Cregan reported that Alice Cutler, a trustee for the Morristown Green, has confirmed to the local police department that the piece is missing. The statue is considered to be stolen by the church authorities.

Nativity scene vandalism is not a new issue. Such incidents had occurred in the past and disrupted the church proceedings so many times.

A similar incident of theft was reported in South Brunswick when statues of Mary and the baby Jesus were stolen from the Saint Augustine of Canterbury Roman Catholic Church in 2018. Vandalism was also reported in Buckingham Township, Pennsylvania in 2020.

The police authorities have opened an investigation. The church officials together with the members are also looking into the matter.

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