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Stabbing Incident at a New Jersey Hospital, Attacker Arrested

Stabbing Incident at a New Jersey Hospital, Attacker Arrested

New Jersey City: Two nurses and a medical resident were stabbed on Friday in a New Jersey pediatric intensive care unit. The horrifying incident happened at Newark Beth Israel Hospital at around 7 am.

Authorities link the attack to a “domestic dispute” involving visitors to the pediatric intensive care unit, and they have arrested a woman in connection with the incident.

Fritz Fragé, the director of public safety for Newark, stated that the hospital responded promptly and that the injured medical personnel is now in a stable condition. After the attack, the suspected attacker, Firdousi Abdul-Hakim, 37, was quickly taken into custody.

Abdul-Hakim faces charges from the authorities for both possessing a weapon for unlawful purposes and aggravated assault.

The identities of the injured medical personnel have not been made public by the authorities, nor have they offered any more information regarding the purported argument that turned violent.

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