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Squatters Occupied Home and Do a Lot of Drugs; Man Offers $15K to Tore the Home Down to Evict Squatters in Michigan

Squatters Occupied Home and Do a Lot of Drugs; Man Offers $15K to Tore the Home Down to Evict Squatters in Michigan

A Michigan resident has graciously offered a substantial sum of $15,000 to assist in the removal of a neighboring property currently inhabited by squatters.

According to the American Apartment Owners Association, a squatter is someone who chooses to live in a piece of land or building without legal authorization. A squatter resides in a building or on a property of their choosing, without fulfilling their financial obligations or possessing legal documentation of ownership.

Recent incidents involving property owners and unauthorized occupants have brought attention to the laws surrounding squatters’ rights. These disputes, in some cases, have escalated into violent confrontations, prompting a closer examination of the issue.

Advocates for squatters’ rights contend that these laws serve as a safeguard against landlords exploiting tenants. Nevertheless, opponents have raised concerns about the limited options available to property owners when it comes to addressing squatters.

A resident of Dowagiac, Michigan, Demarko Smith has taken a proactive approach to address the issue of squatters in his neighborhood. In an interview published by Fox News Digital on Monday, Smith expressed his willingness to purchase a home to resolve the situation.

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Smith’s predicament started over three years ago when his neighbor granted permission for a man and his friends to occupy her backyard. The individual, according to his statement, brought in worn-out campers and outdated appliances.

Unfortunately, Smith’s neighbor passed away two years later. According to him, the alleged squatters were able to take over the property due to squatter laws in the state, which made it more challenging for her family to live next door to them.

They reportedly engaged in drug use in the backyard, which restricted the amount of time Smith and his family could enjoy their outdoor space due to the lingering odor. According to the individual, their attempt to construct a fence around their property was thwarted when an unidentified person dismantled it.

Squatters Occupied Home and Do a Lot of Drugs; Man Offers $15K to Tore the Home Down to Evict Squatters in Michigan (1)

The bank successfully managed to remove the individuals in question from the property. However, they relocated to another residence in the vicinity, which was being advertised for over $100,000 on platforms such as Zillow. Unfortunately, this new property suffered from roof and wiring issues.

“I am willing to offer them a sum of $15,000.” “I just want to tear it down and have the property,” Smith stated to the news outlet.

Recent incidents, such as Smith’s case, have sparked increased awareness regarding the issue of squatters’ rights. As a result, lawmakers in various states have taken action by proposing new legislation that aims to simplify the process for homeowners to evict squatters. In April, the Biden administration called on local governments to address the issue.

Squatter laws differ from one state to another. Squatting is considered illegal in Michigan, although squatters are entitled to certain protections, such as not being forcefully evicted from a property. For a first-time offense, the consequences can include a maximum of 180 days in jail and a fine of up to $5,000.

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