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Squatter Chopped 19-year-old Young Farmer in Utah, Police found Body parts after the Killer Took them where he threw the chopped limbs near Salt Lake City

Squatter Chopped 19-year-old Young Farmer in Utah, Police found Body parts after the Killer Took them where he threw the chopped limbs near Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, UT: The authorities in Utah have found the remaining body parts of a young farmer after his body was chopped by a squatter.

The farmer, Dylan Rounds, went missing two years ago and the police recently found his dead and brutally chopped remains.

19 years old Dylan was last seen by his loved ones in May of 2022 as per FOX News.

Authorities believe they have uncovered the “skeletal remains” of a 19-year-old farmer from Utah, who went missing nearly two years ago.

In 2022, someone supposedly killed Dylan Rounds. According to court records, as reported by, James Brenner was charged in March 2023 with one count of aggravated murder with Rounds’s death and one count of abuse or degradation of a human body.

According to a press announcement from the Box Elder County Sheriff’s Office, “skeletal remains presumed to belong to Dylan Rounds were recovered in the remote western Box Elder County area of Lucin on April 9, 2024.”

The FBI reportedly helped the sheriff’s office with evidence processing and body recovery.

“No further details can be disclosed at this moment to preserve the integrity of the current legal processes,” it further stated.

The sheriff’s department additionally conveyed “our gratitude to our deputies, detectives, volunteers, and other Box Elder County employees who have worked tirelessly investigating and assisting in the many search efforts during the past 23 months.”

“We highly appreciate their diligent efforts, unwavering dedication, and commitment, and we extend our genuine thanks to them for their hard work,” according to the announcement.

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As recently as May of 2022, Rounds had no communication with his loved ones. In the years leading up to his abduction, Rounds had fulfilled his lifelong ambition of being a farmer by purchasing hundreds of acres of land in the Utah desert.

Dylan Rounds and his mom, Candice Cooley. Credit: Candice Cooley

Without success, Rounds’s loved ones started secret searches in the vicinity of his last known whereabouts. But Brenner had already directed the FBI to the spot where they eventually located him.

As far as her mother is concerned, her son is completely devoted to his farm. She further stated that he abstained from drug usage and did not engage in any online activities.

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According to court records, he has a history of criminal offenses that includes malicious wounding, malicious firing, and three convictions for felon in possession of a firearm. The authorities found him residing on an unpermitted tract of land adjacent to Rounds’ farm.

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