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Springfield Drug Bust Nets 7 Arrests after 4 Months of Investigation: Police Report

Springfield Drug Bust Nets 7 Arrests after 4 Months of Investigation: Police Report

Springfield, VT: Seven people were taken into custody today at 78 Valley Street in Springfield after a search warrant was executed. They are all facing different accusations.

The operation, which included many law enforcement organizations, was a four-month-long investigation into the distribution of fentanyl and cocaine from the residence by the Vermont Drug Task Force.

Coke and fentanyl dealers Matthew Runnells and Cody Betit were among those taken into custody. At the time of their arrest, both individuals were wanted for offenses that had nothing to do with the investigation.

Among the charges against Jaylenn Baez and Zahira Dullary are fentanyl trafficking and cocaine possession, as well as prohibited person in possession of a handgun.

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The Springfield Police Department apprehended Amber White and Elise Nuccio after serving warrants for their arrest.

White was discovered to be a fugitive from New Hampshire with an extraditable arrest warrant for failing to appear to answer a felony charge of possession of crack cocaine, while Nuccio had not shown up to answer charges of burglary, accessory aiding in the commission of assault and robbery, and violation of conditions of release.

While searching the residence, law enforcement discovered narcotics, evidence of drug distribution, and a firearms crime.

A loaded revolver, extra ammunition, 25 grams of cocaine base, 42 grams of fentanyl, and what seemed to be Baez and Dullary’s upstairs bedroom were also found. Some 56 grams of a mystery chemical were also found.

Upon their arrival in the Southern State Correctional Center, Runnells, Betit, Baez, and Dullary underwent processing at the Westminster State Police Barracks.

As of May 10, 2024, their bond amounts varied between $25,000 and $100,000, and their scheduled appearance is in Windsor District Court – Criminal Division in White River Junction.

Prosecutors in these cases are from the Windsor County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Please call the Vermont State Police at 802-722-4600 if you have any information on this inquiry.

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