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Son Stabbed Father 45 Times in Maryland; Judge Threw Son in Jail for Life for Heinous Crime

Son Stabbed Father 45 Times in Maryland; Judge Threw Son in Jail for Life for Heinous Crime

A man from Maryland was found guilty of killing his father in October 2022 and given a life term without the chance of parole.

Reports from The Baltimore Sun, WBFF, and WMAR, quoting the Carroll County State’s Attorney, say that 31-year-old Ravi Pansuriya was found guilty of first-degree murder in November. Reports say that Ravi’s father, 59-year-old doctor Maganbhai Pansuriya, was found with his body parts stolen on the same day that his wife reported him missing.

Reporters said that Maganbhai’s head and hands were found in a creek a few days later.

The day Maganbhai was reported missing, his wife found blood and other signs of a fight in the family home, according to the Sun. Reports say that Ravi went home in the family’s truck, which had blood and human flesh on it.

“Murders this exceptionally horrific and brutal rarely occur in Carroll County, especially one committed by a son against his father,” Carroll County State’s Attorney Haven Shoemaker said, according to a report from WMAR. “We hope that this sentence brings some solace to the family and friends of Dr. Pansuriya during what must be a very traumatic time for them.”

Reports say that prosecutors said they found the doctor’s blood on Ravi’s pants. According to a medical expert, Maganbhai was stabbed 45 times and hit in the head with something hard.

Not far from Baltimore, in Westminster, Maryland, where the family lived, was Baltimore.

“[Maganbhai] received his medical degree from Baroda Medical College and served the community of Westminster for over 23 years,” his online obituary said. “He was known for his generosity, ability to connect with others, and humor. In his spare time, he loved to garden.”

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