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Son Arrested by Cops After He Killed His Dad in New Jersey Home

Son Arrested by Cops After He Killed His Dad in New Jersey Home

A sixty-year-old man has been detained and accused of killing an eighty-seven-year-old man who was discovered dead in his Franklin Lakes residence on Sunday morning.

According to the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, David Allen Hagal, of Franklin Lakes, was charged with four counts of weapons offenses and first-degree murder on Sunday evening.

The police received a call about a murder. Officers were dispatched immediately, and when they reached Haddon Place, they found a person dead. The incident happened on Sunday morning at around 7:30 am.

The deceased person is identified as George J. Hagal. Hagal, 87, is the owner of the property in which he is found dead.

The police have not revealed any further details about the weapons used by David to kill George. Also, the circumstances around Hagal’s death are not disclosed to the public.

David and George Hagal could not establish any relationship, according to the prosecutor’s office.

Officials could not establish any relationship between the two. But an obituary of another family member from earlier this year establishes them as father and son.

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