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SoCal To See Non-Stop Rain & Thunderstorm; NWS Issued Advisory

SoCal To See Non-Stop Rain & Thunderstorm; NWS Issued Advisory

Los Angeles, CA: A strong system is making people in much of California worry about floods. Monday will see heavy rain and snow at higher elevations. By Tuesday morning, the showers will be over.

There is a Flood Watch, a Coastal Flood Advisory, and a Wind Advisory from the National Weather Service. The NWS also says that the Bay Area and Central Coast will get rain from Sunday night to Monday morning.

Rainfall causes creeks and streams to rise quickly, water to pool on roads and in low-lying areas, and a higher risk of shallow landslides in areas that are prone to them, like where rocks and other waste are on the roads.

Flood Watch

From Sunday morning to Monday morning, the North Bay will be under a Flood Watch. Flooding on roads, streams, creeks, and rivers may be part of a Floor Watch. The NWS says that flash floods and debris flows are likely.

Coastal Flood Advisory

There is the Coastal Flood Advisory for Sunday and Monday. The warning is for the cities of San Jose, Santa Rosa, Cloverdale, Napa, and San Francisco.

Wind Advisory

From Sunday night to Monday morning, there is a Wind Advisory. Winds will be gusty at higher levels along the Coastal Bay Area and Central Coast. The wind speed is going to be 30 to 45 mph.

After a short break in the rain on Tuesday, a third wave will hit Northern California early Wednesday, and showers will last until Thursday afternoon.

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