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Slained Law Enforcement Officers Identified in New York After They were Shot Dead in New York City

Slained Law Enforcement Officers Identified in New York After They were Shot Dead in New York City

New York City, NY: The authorities in New York City have revealed the identities of two slain officers who were shot dead in the city after a shooting brawl. A police officer and a sheriff’s deputy were shot dead during the shooting incident.

Officer Michael Jensen and Deputy Michael Hoosock were the law enforcement officers slain on Monday when a gunman opened fire on a police contingent outside a residence.

According to a news statement from the sheriff’s office, the incident started at approximately 7:07 p.m. on Sunday when officers from Syracuse police department noticed a “suspicious vehicle” near the intersection of Emerson Avenue and Hamilton Street.

Despite officers’ best efforts, the driver evaded capture and drove away.

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Police in Salina were able to ascertain the owner’s residence after reviewing the vehicle’s registration. The car was located at a house on Darien Drive when officers and deputies from the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Department arrived at the scene of the crime.

An armed individual met the cops and deputies not long after they arrived, leading to the firing of multiple gunshots.

The Syracuse Police Department had already recognized Officer Michael Jensen, one of the two cops slain in the gunfight, as Officer of the Month for his exceptional service. The suspect was also shot dead.

All three victims were transported to the Upstate University Hospital for emergency medical treatment but they were pronounced dead when they arrived.

Officer Hoosock also held the position of deputy chief in the Moyers Corners Fire Department besides his duties as a deputy sheriff.

The Syracuse Police Department had previously recognized Jensen as Officer of the Month in December 2023; his colleagues lamented his loss as per FOX News.

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