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Six Middle School Students arrested for hosting Mock Slave Auction for Black Students in Southwick

Six Middle School Students arrested for hosting Mock Slave Auction for Black Students in Southwick

Southwick, MA: Six middle school students from Western Massachusetts were indicted by prosecutors for allegedly using Snapchat to host fake slave auctions.

Following reports of alleged racial bullying in Southwick, the charges were announced by Anthony Gulluni, the district attorney for Hampden County.

Allegedly, in early February, a bunch of eighth graders were using Snapchat to host pretend slave auctions, where two Black classmates could be bid on by White pupils.

According to Gulluni, the pupils expressed “hateful and racist comments, including notions of violence toward people of color.” They are also said to have displayed insulting images and videos and to have used racist slurs.

On February 9, members of the Snapchat group were reported to the school administration. Following an inquiry, Southwick Regional School suspended all of the pupils implicated, including those who are facing criminal charges. A 45-day suspension was handed down to one student and two others received 25-day suspensions.

Online Black Student Slave Auction Under Investigation in Massachusetts; Mother of Victim Filed a Civil Suit Against The Perpetrators in New England

Three counts of witness interference, threat to commit a crime, and interference with civil rights have been brought against one student. A different student faced allegations of criminal threat and interference with civil rights. The charges of criminal threat were also filed against four other pupils.

Let me be crystal clear. Gulluni firmly stated that racism and hatred are not welcome in their community. “And where this behavior becomes criminal, I will ensure that we act and act with swift resolve as we did here to uncover it and bring it to the light of justice.”

Gulluni added that he has met with members of the NAACP and spoken with victims and their families.

The names of the accused students will not be released as they are juveniles.

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