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Siamese Kitten Tested Positive for Drugs, Owners Arrested for Animal Torture

Siamese Kitten Tested Positive for Drugs, Owners Arrested for Animal Torture

Salt Lake City, Utah: A 6-week-old kitten is rescued from a couple in Utah. She was kept in a plastic sandwich container. The couple had taped the container to shut it down.

When the kitten was treated for drugs, it was positive. The subsequent testing detected meth and amphetamine in its system.

Epperson and Allred are accused of possessing fentanyl and methamphetamine, as well as torturing a companion animal. The police arrested the couple.

This cruel incident happened in Utah, and the owners are a couple. Someone called the police when the couple was found hunched over in the front seat of their car. Police reached the parking lot at Cottonwood Heights near Salt Lake City.

The officials heard a faint “meow” coming from the car and discovered the cat inside the triangular Tupperware-style container, with only her head sticking out of the narrow end. The officials took the kitten to a vet clinic, and the kitten was placed on oxygen support.

She also had an injured eye, bruises on her temple, burned hair, and head trauma. The clinic staff gave her the name Athena. Athena’s condition has improved from critical to stable; she is no longer in the oxygen chamber.
However, according to the clinic, the Siamese kitten may lose sight in the right eye and experience long-term consequences from drug exposure and head trauma. She is receiving fluids and pain medication. She only weighs 1.24 pounds.

Epperson and Allred were released from custody on Tuesday, according to booking records from the Salt Lake County Jail.

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