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Shooter Fled in Luxury Car after Opening Fire at Customers in Nashville Restaurant

Shooter Fled in Luxury Car after Opening Fire at Customers in Nashville Restaurant

Nashville, TN: On Easter, a gunman opened fire at a coffee shop in Nashville, Tennessee, killing one and wounding seven.

According to Don Aaron, a spokesman for the Metro Nashville Police Department, two guys got into a fight over Sunday brunch at Roasted in the Salemtown area, and one of them produced a pistol.

Calls on the shooting arrived at the scene of the crime at approximately 3 p.m. After opening fire, the perpetrator got away in a Mercedes GLS 450.

Authorities said on Sunday night that they were looking for 46-year-old Anton Rucker about the incident. Rucker has a history of felony convictions, including one for severe assault, according to the police. Nashville police announced his arrest on X (previously Twitter) along with other felony drug and gun accusations.

It was thought that the other man who had been involved in the fight was the one who died. Allen Beachem, 33 years old, was named by the police. Five additional individuals were shot, but their injuries were not considered life-threatening, according to Aaron.

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Additionally, he mentioned that a sixth individual sustained a graze wound; however, it remained uncertain if the injury was caused by a scratch or a bullet. Anxieties prompted medical attention for the seventh victim, a pregnant woman, he added.

A mother named Dia Settle told the Tennessean that she and her children were playing in a nearby playground when they heard eight gunshots. Afterward, customers of the restaurant bolted out onto the street, wailing and shouting.

Settle reported that other people were seen rushing after the children or falling to the ground. “The sound of that many gunshots gave me the willies; I could tell someone was hurt.”

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