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Serial Sexual Abuser who Molested Nearly 250 Women Paid Incarcerated Mexican Gang Members to Keep Him Safe in Florida Prison: Former Inmate Reveals

Serial Sexual Abuser who Molested Nearly 250 Women Paid Incarcerated Mexican Gang Members to Keep Him Safe in Florida Prison: Former Inmate Reveals

An inmate at a Florida federal prison claimed that Larry Nassar, a child molester and disgraced sports doctor, sought protection from gang members by providing them with cash and engaging in inappropriate activities.

In June 2021, Nassar, 60, was observed entering a cell at the federal penitentiary in Sumter County, Fla., alongside Mexican gang members, as reported by Grace Pinson, a former inmate who served time with Nassar at the high-security prison.

The cell was sealed off and the men were inside, a practice commonly done when inmates engage in activities that are against the rules, according to Pinson. Pinson shared this information in a telephone interview from Allenwood, Pa., where the inmate, who is now transgender, is currently serving their sentence.

The incarcerated individual portrayed Nassar, the perpetrator of sexual abuse against numerous gymnasts, including Olympians Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas, as a timid individual who rarely ventured outside his prison housing unit except for visits to the chapel.

They would engage in conversation, discussing various topics, including his hired muscle as per The Post.

According to Pinson, during his time in Coleman, Nassar supposedly made regular payments to Mexican gang members for protection, amounting to a few hundred dollars each month.

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The inmate claimed to have discovered Nassar’s hired protection through her interactions with fellow prisoners.

According to her, she also had the opportunity to see a phone belonging to her cellmate, which was allegedly used by the gangsters for drug transactions and other activities.

Pinson alleges that they coerced Nassar into performing “sexual favors” as a form of retribution for his abuse of young girls, with the intention of humiliating and degrading him.

Despite having paid protection, Nassar was unable to avoid a severe attack last year. In July, fellow inmate Shane McMillan stabbed the serial sexual abuser multiple times in his cell. This incident occurred after Nassar allegedly expressed his desire to ogle female tennis players at Wimbledon.

The doctor has been relocated to a federal prison in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

Over the course of many years, a sports physician associated with USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University committed heinous acts of sexual abuse against over 250 girls and women, all while pretending to provide medical care.

Several well-known athletes, including Olympians Aly Raisman and McKayla Maroney, played a crucial role in exposing the disturbed doctor by bravely sharing their traumatic experiences of sexual abuse.

Nassar received a lengthy prison sentence after admitting to sexually abusing young athletes and possessing child pornography in multiple trials.

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