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San Francisco’s Illegal Night Market Has The Largest Sale of Sweets Rather Than Fentanyl

San Francisco’s Illegal Night Market Has The Largest Sale of Sweets Rather Than Fentanyl

San Francisco, CA: Sugar is being sold more rapidly than fentanyl in San Francisco. Sweet delicacies packed in duffel bags are quickly being bought at the city’s outdoor drug markets.

Each night, individuals are scattered on the sidewalks of the Tenderloin neighborhood among empty ice cream cartons, discarded candy wrappers, and empty soda bottles.

Every night, vendors swarm United Nation Plaza’s open-air drug market carrying heavy bags filled with candy and chocolate. They quickly sold out and made a significant amount of money.

Sugar enthusiasts, seeking their next fix, wander through the crowd exchanging for gummy worms and Cap’n Crunch cereal.

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One man urgently called out on Thursday night, “Who is selling soda?”

Some merchants claim to purchase sweets using food stamps and then resell it for cash. Some confess to stealing it, occasionally earning an average of $40 to $50 in just minutes.

According to an anonymous convenience shop worker, candy is the top-selling commodity, despite being pricier than items sold on the street.

On Monday night, a seller was observed carrying a wheelbarrow containing numerous individually wrapped homemade pink and red cakes for sale.

A man named Jay Dog said that some of the items he was selling may produce a stronger effect than drugs, while offering Kit Kats for one dollar each. “The narcotics are of poor quality.”

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The dog asserted its affiliation with the Marin County Crips gang. He declined to provide his legal name but mentioned that he had previously spent 15 years in prison for armed robbery.

In San Francisco, the purity of fentanyl can be as low as 5%, despite being far more affordable compared to other locations, as reported by the Drug Enforcement Agency.

The sugar content in candy bars is consistently high in potency.

Chris, who chose not to provide his last name to avoid being associated with theft, admitted to being addicted to Kinder Bueno.

Research indicates a strong link between opioid usage and sugar consumption, suggesting that they trigger similar brain activities.

Mayor London Breed and Gov. Gavin Newsom took action to address unlawful activities near U.N. Plaza as the night markets gained more attention. Since June, Federal DEA officers, the California Highway Patrol, and local police have been in the area, receiving both criticism and admiration. The new skate park in the plaza has been praised for successfully altering the daily atmosphere. However, old habits are difficult to change in the region at night.

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