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These Are The 5 Safest Neighborhoods in Atlanta; Check If You Live There Or Not

These Are The 5 Safest Neighborhoods in Atlanta; Check If You Live There Or Not

Some of the most hazardous neighborhoods in the nation are found in Atlanta. The city as a whole may have greater crime rates than urban areas like Chicago or Washington, D.C., depending on the category.

Thankfully, these represent averages rather than covering every corner of the greater metro area. The safest neighborhoods in Atlanta are those that have some of the lowest rates of crime in a large metropolitan area.

Particularly noteworthy for their high level of safety are these five areas, with special emphasis placed on locations that are reasonably priced and conveniently close to the city center’s employment and retail options.

Explore the top 5 safest neighborhoods in Atlanta and live with the peace of mind that everyone deserves.

1) North Buckhead

North Buckhead is the safest neighborhood in Atlanta. The parts of Argonne Forest, Brandon, Brookhaven, Brookwood Hills, and Buckhead Village come under North Buckhead. With around 9,000 residents, North Buckhead is an affluent residential district situated just north of the city’s center.

The roadways are lined with lush, natural vegetation, which offers people a sense of seclusion and tranquility. Additionally, the neighborhood’s commitment to preserving elegant, family-friendly streets that are walkable is evident.

2) Candler Park

Candler Park is the second safest neighborhood in Atlanta. Beautiful parks, well-kept yards, accessible pathways, and a close-knit community characterize this outdoor-oriented neighborhood just northeast of downtown Atlanta.

The Candler Park Neighborhood Organization (CPNO) promotes festivals, movie evenings, live music, bike rides, golf outings, and movie nights for residents of all ages. The Candler Park/Lake Claire (CPLC) Patrol is a Neighborhood Watch program that the CPNO established to maintain community safety.

This patrol method, which keeps Candler Park among the safest neighborhoods in all of Atlanta, has contributed to bringing the total crime rate down to 40% of the Atlanta average by using off-duty cops.

3) Brookhaven

Located entirely in DeKalb County on Atlanta’s north side, Brookhaven is a family-friendly town. The region began as an out-of-town retreat for Atlanta’s wealthy families after the Civil War and is now home to both the Peachtree Creek Greenway and the Brookhaven Historical District. At now, the average rent in this area is $1,444, and the median property value is $525,000.

As a percentage of the total population, seniors make up just 10% of Brookhaven, which is smaller than normal compared to many other low-crime communities on this list. Rather, the area’s relative seclusion amidst the sprawling suburbs and convenient freeway access to downtown Atlanta make it a favorite with families.

4) Argonne Forest

The wealthiest community in the Atlanta area is Argonne Forest. This small neighborhood, with almost 100% homeownership and a sparse urban vibe from relatively few businesses, is home to several families that work in the defense tech sector in the area.

Nearly eight times the national average for a new single-family house, the median home price in Argonne Forest is approximately $1.8 million.

5) Inman Park

Inman Park, one of Atlanta’s oldest neighborhoods, is well known for being friendly and safe. This neighborhood has a certain beauty that is hard to find elsewhere because of the Victorian-style homes, bikeable streets, lush foliage, and cobblestone roads.

The neighborhood’s easy access to the Eastside Trail segment of the Atlanta Beltline is sure to please those who enjoy the outdoors. Alternatively, Highland Avenue offers a plethora of shops, restaurants, cafes, yoga studios, business centers, and more for individuals who are more interested in business and entertainment.

The Final Note

Selected neighborhoods in Atlanta provide distinct flavors and experiences, much like a chef selecting the ideal spice for a dish. Although safety is an important factor, keep in mind that it is only one layer of the living mosaic that is Atlanta.

You’re likely to find your own Atlanta sanctuary if you approach the city with an open mind and a curious spirit. Here, security and comfort blend to create a harmonious sense of belonging.

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