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Sacramento Restaurants Inspected, Several Failed with a Thai Restaurant having more than 200 Cockroaches

Sacramento Restaurants Inspected, Several Failed with a Thai Restaurant having more than 200 Cockroaches

Sacramento, CA: After finding over 200 cockroaches, health officials from Sacramento County decided to close a nearby Thai restaurant.

A liquor store, three restaurants, and an ice cream parlor in the Sacramento region were all issued yellow warning placards for health code infractions, due to the presence of mold , insufficient hot water, and incorrect food and drink storage.

SAAP SAAP Hmong Thai Cuisine, 3262 J St. in Sacramento, had eight violations on Tuesday.

From March 28th through Wednesday, as of Thursday at noon, the following food facilities in Sacramento County were inspected:

The investigation revealed that on Tuesday, over 200 cockroaches, both living and dead, were discovered across the Thai eatery.

According to the report, inspectors discovered cockroaches that had died and their droppings among glassware on a shelf. The roaches’ mouth parts were also touching the glass.

Behind an upright cooler was one live cock roach; the floor of the pantry had a second, and a third was perched on a shelf near the rice cooker.

A complaint from Tuesday mentioned the presence of roughly 20 dead German cockroaches near the soda fountain and one additional dead roach on a shelf adjacent to sake glassware.

The investigation also revealed that five or ten more roaches were found on the ground beneath a refrigerator.

The report stated that inspectors discovered a total of two hundred roaches on two separate glue boards: one near an electrical box and the other between one hundred and thirty-three adult German cockroaches on a glue board between an ice machine and a soda fountain.

Also, according to the inspectors, there were several dirty spots throughout the eatery.

The floor adjacent to the ice maker had food scraps, the floor adjacent to the bulk rice bin had rice spilled on it, and the floor adjacent to the electrical outlet had accumulated grease.

On Thursday afternoon, the Thai eatery was still not reinspected.

Burger Shack, 4545 Manzanita Avenue, had 14 violations on Wednesday.

The investigation states that inspectors saw a worker handling hamburger patties without gloves and then touching raw onions and mushrooms without cleaning their hands.

On Wednesday, the inspector found that the whole milk had a temperature that was too high.

There was an accumulation on a milk shaker mixer, as stated in the report. While inspecting the soft serve and ice machines, inspectors found individual cell phones resting atop them.

As of Thursday, the burger joint has not undergone a second inspection.

Maru Ramen Bar, 8698 Elk Grove Blvd. in Elk Grove, had eight violations on Wednesday.

During Wednesday’s inspection, the raw pork was found to be at an unsuitable holding temperature, and it was also thawing at room temperature.

Furthermore, inspectors noticed bags of onions lying around the warehouse. As of Thursday, the ramen bar has not undergone a second inspection.

The Sacramento County Food Inspection Guide states that a yellow label indicates two or more serious infractions. During the examination, these are usually fixed or at least reduced.

“Imminent danger to public health and safety” is indicated by a red placard, which suspends the health permit until the infractions are addressed. Serious infestations of pests are one possible example.

A restaurant that has passed inspection will have a green placard.

According to an earlier interview, 97% of eateries pass the county’s inspections, which number around 14,000 per year. Only around one percent of inspections lead to a closure.

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