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Rodent And Filthy Conditions At These Miami-Dade Restaurants Forced Closure for Reinspection

Rodent And Filthy Conditions At These Miami-Dade Restaurants Forced Closure for Reinspection

Miami-Dade, FL: An inspector discovered 10 dead rodents at Griot Tropical on 103rd St, located near Interstate 95 in Miami-Dade County, according to state records.

There were also sightings of rodent droppings and nesting materials. As of now, Griot Tropical remains unable to reopen.

There were also reports of rodent issues at Ichimi in Midtown Miami.

After a thorough cleanup and re-inspection, all the other places previously ordered to shut down have been permitted to reopen.

The restaurants are:

  • Ichimi: 3250 NE 1st Avenue, Miami
  • Griot Tropical: 1186 NW 103RD St, Miami
  • Monserrate Restaurant: 9545 Nw 41st St., Doral
  • La Piazzetta: 701 N. Federal Highway, Hallandale Beach

There are signs of rodent activity, such as the presence of rodent droppings. Noticed around 20 droppings near the chest reach-in freezer by the walk-in cooler. There were around 10 droppings found on the floor beneath the noodle maker.

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There are around 20 shelves under dry storage near the door that leads to the lobby. There are around 10 items on the floor in the dining room, specifically under the single-service storage area. There are around 10 people in the bar area on the floor. There are around 10 items located near the tap in the freezer outside of the women’s restroom.

There is evidence of rodent activity in the form of burrows or nesting materials. The inspector also noticed nesting material on the floor near the freezer next to the walk-in cooler.

The floor is dirty and has a buildup of debris. Hidden beneath all cooking equipment. Exploring the depths of a walk-in cooler. Violation Repeated.

Improper storage of raw animal food with ready-to-eat food. Eggs and corn are stored together in a reach-in cooler on cook line.

Food thawed improperly, posing a potential safety risk. Spring rolls and pork are left to thaw at room temperature outside of the walk-in cooler. Beef thawing in water in the prep area. Shrimp being thawed in standing water at the three-compartment sink.

Food-contact surfaces were found to be unclean, with the presence of food debris, mold-like substance, or slime. Several cutting boards show stains in the kitchen. Cooler located conveniently across from fryers. The noodle maker is in dire need of cleaning. The stove top needs cleaning on cook line. Chilled rack found inside the walk-in cooler.

These were some of the observations at the inspected restaurants. These conditions do raise questions regarding public health safety.

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