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Robbery Spree in Seattle; Owner Shot Invaders After They Used Sledgehammer to Smash the Door

Robbery Spree in Seattle; Owner Shot Invaders After They Used Sledgehammer to Smash the Door

Seattle, Washington: The authorities have opened a probe to investigate a robbery spree that specifically targets the Beacon Hill area in Seattle.

Recently, a group of robbers tried to break into a house using a sledgehammer to smash the door. The owner in response shot at the invaders. The robbers left the place.

On December 18, the first incident happened close to the intersection of South Graham Street and Beacon Avenue. A man reported to the authorities that as he was making his way home from a casino, multiple individuals holding guns approached him.

After forcing the man to open the door to his house, the suspects looted it and left with cash.

Officers from the South Precinct responded to an attempted house invasion two days later at 5:30 a.m., close to the intersection of Beacon Avenue South and South Ferdinand Street. The homeowner reported to the police that three males attempted to smash through his door but were unable and left.

Four male suspects returned to the same residence early the following morning and attempted to smash through the front door using a sledgehammer. The sound startled the victim, who then grabbed a firearm and opened fire on the potential intruders.

The intruders then left the house after firing shots at the homeowner. The homeowner is safe and sound.

It is unclear whether the suspects were shot or not. As of today, no arrests have been made by the police.

According to Seattle police, the robberies are comparable to a string of robberies that occurred earlier this year, when all of the victims were Asian and the culprits were all male Black suspects.

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