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Road Collapsed in the Ground in Nashville; Traffic Halted With No Injuries Reported

Road Collapsed in the Ground in Nashville; Traffic Halted With No Injuries Reported

Nashville, Tennessee: A section of Division Street gave way in downtown Nashville on Tuesday.

A lane of the roadway at 915 Division Street has collapsed due to ongoing construction, according to the Nashville Department of Transportation. There has been a stop work order issued until further notice, as reported by Meto Codes.

There was a reduction in traffic to just one lane, and drivers were advised to steer clear of the area.

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District 19 Council Member Jacob provided an update, stating that there were no injuries and no nearby structures were affected by the collapse. According to him, the construction project is intended for a forthcoming apartment complex.

According to the speaker, inspectors have been present at the site since the collapse on Tuesday, and additional inspectors will be arriving overnight.

It seems that there was ongoing construction on the site, resulting in the weakening and subsequent collapse of sections of the roadway structure. According to reports, the nearby buildings are currently not at risk. I did inquire about that matter. “We are currently in the process of determining our next steps for this site and the roadway,” Kupin shared.

Kupin mentioned that there have been numerous noise complaints, particularly during the night, regarding the builder. According to him, the company had previously shown a willingness to address his concerns.

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