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Riverside County Saw a Surge in Shootings With 4 Happening Within a Week

Riverside County Saw a Surge in Shootings With 4 Happening Within a Week

Riverside County, California: Four police shootings were reported in Riverside County over six days, with the Palm Desert shooting incident being the most recent one.

On Sunday, December 10 at around 2:45 am, a burglary in progress was reported to the Palm Desert deputies. The officers were dispatched quickly to the 49000 block of State Highway 74.

The caller itself was a victim and was hiding in a bedroom. The deputies arrived at the scene and found the front door unlocked. They arrested one of the robbers. The second burglar came from a room with a knife.

The police directed the burglar to drop the weapon, and when he refused to do so, the officers shot the armed burglar.

The identity of the burglars is not disclosed yet, and no one else was injured during the confrontation.

“Deputies provided medical aid, and the suspect was transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The other detained subject was transported to the station, interviewed, and later released,” sheriff’s officials said.

3 other shooting incidents recently unfolded in Riverside County.

Last week, a man was shot by an officer chasing the fleeing man. This incident happened on December 7 in Hemet.

A day before, an officer shot a driver when he obstructed the checking procedure and produced a firearm. The man then aimed the gun at the officer. The officer involved shot the man who later died at the hospital.

The deputies who shot the suspects are put on paid administrative leave as per the rules.

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