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“Right Place, Right Time” Cop Walks into Armed Burglary at 7-Eleven

“Right Place, Right Time” Cop Walks into Armed Burglary at 7-Eleven

West Covina, CA: The authorities in California shared a video of a sergeant walking into a 7-Eleven without noticing what was going on. He quickly acted when he saw that someone was trying to rob the store with a gun.

This is the CCTV video that the West Covina Police Department shared on Instagram. It shows a suspect, 48-year-old Ramon Gonzalez, robbing the 7-Eleven on Wednesday around 8:30 p.m. West Covina is a city in Los Angeles County that is in the suburbs of the city.

The West Covina Police Department says Gonzalez walks up to the counter wearing a mask and a gray hoodie and asks the worker if he can buy cigarettes.

As the worker begins to place the cigarettes in a black plastic bag, the suspect is seen in the video raising his top and flashing a handgun before demanding that the worker open the register.

While the worker fills the bag with cash, West Covina Police Sergeant Abel Hernandez enters the building by coincidence.

He notices something is wrong, causing Gonzalez to rush for the door with the bag, while the worker sounds the alarm and points to the fleeing culprit.

Hernandez then chases the robber out the door, apprehending him. Gonzalez was discovered to be in possession of a loaded weapon and approximately $400 cash, which was returned to the retailer, police said.

Gonzalez, of La Puente, Los Angeles, was brought into custody and charged with robbery, felon in possession of a firearm, and carrying a concealed weapon, according to police.

Commenters complimented Sergeant Hernandez for taking quick action to apprehend the alleged thief, while some praised the clerk for remaining calm and delaying Gonzalez.

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