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Retail Theft Crackdown Operation in Los Angeles leads to 14 Arrests

Retail Theft Crackdown Operation in Los Angeles leads to 14 Arrests

Los Angeles, CA: The Los Angeles Police Department has intensified its efforts against shoplifters, resulting in 14 arrests during a two-day Retail Theft Blitz.

The operation took place in Downtown Los Angeles’ troubled districts, where widespread retail theft has caused shops to lose thousands of dollars daily.

The LAPD disclosed the recent endeavors of Central Area Burglary investigators in a statement released earlier this week.

The specific locations that were targeted were a business on the 600 block of South Broadway and a merchant in the busy FIGat7th Plaza.

The blitz was conducted in collaboration with affected retailers to boost police pressure and reduce stealing.

On February 29th, four suspects were apprehended, and on the next day, eleven more individuals, including three kids, were also taken into custody.

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The LAPD report indicates the suspects’ ages range from 19 to 54. Arrested on February 29th were Mario Moreno, 38, and Kristyanna Banuelos, 19.

On March 1st, the net expanded, capturing Valeria Vazquez-Zuniga, aged 25, Augustus Evans, aged 54, and various other individuals.

According to the Los Angeles County Felony/Misdemeanor Bail Schedule, certain offenders qualified for the Cite and Release program, while others with previous offenses had active warrants.

To report information about similar incidents, the LAPD advises contacting their Central Burglary Theft Detectives or using the LA Regional Crime Stoppers’ hotline and their “P3 Tips” mobile application anonymously.

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