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Relative of Texas Judge shot Dead by Wife after overstaying at their Home, Judge Husband tried to snatch Gun from Wife but was too Late

Relative of Texas Judge shot Dead by Wife after overstaying at their Home, Judge Husband tried to snatch Gun from Wife but was too Late

Houston, TX: A woman was arrested by authorities after she shot a man dead after a heated argument in Harris County.

The woman is identified to be the wife of the justice of the peace for Harris County and the victim was the nephew of the judge.

After the tragic altercation, Bob Wolfe, the justice of the peace for Harris County called 911 and his wife Mei Huang, was charged with murder.

After reportedly shooting and killing her nephew, the wife of a judge in Texas is now facing murder charges.

On April 5, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez reported on X (previously Twitter) that 48-year-old Mei Huang Wolfe, who is married to Harris County Justice of the Peace Bob Wolfe, was arrested and charged with murder.

According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the deadly shooting occurred at the Wolfes’ residence on April 4 at approximately 10 p.m.

After Bob contacted 911 to report that his wife had shot his nephew in the course of an argument, police arrived at the scene, according to authorities.

The nephew, James Wolfe II, 40, was named by the police, but he was declared dead on the spot despite medical personnel’s best efforts to treat him.

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The local news network was informed by the authorities that Bob, the nephew, and Mei Huang’s adult daughter were all there at the residence when the incident took place.

The sheriff’s office stated that the dispute arose from the “ongoing feud” that existed between Mei Huang and her nephew during their time living together in the house.

“The ongoing issues between the two concluded this evening after the suspect retrieved a weapon and pointed it at the complainant and fired one shot striking him in the upper torso,” according to a police report. “Her husband had attempted to stop her and to get the gun away from her but was unsuccessful.”

Mei Huang believed James had overstayed his welcome in her and Bob’s home, according to Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, who used preliminary information gathered shortly after James’ death to infer that the dispute had happened.

The sheriff speculated that the disturbance may have originated from the female homeowner’s perception that he was no longer welcome.

“She pulled out a gun and, during the argument, she shot and wounded her nephew,” he continued.

In addition to describing the deadly shooting as a “very tragic situation,” the sheriff expressed his sympathy to the victims’ families and anybody else affected by the tragedy.

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The court set Mei Huang’s bond at $100,000 on April 6, and her next appearance is on April 8. Whether she has an attorney who can speak for her is unclear at this time.

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