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Racist and Homophobic Texts of Santa Clara County Deputies Revealed But Court Dismiss Charges

Racist and Homophobic Texts of Santa Clara County Deputies Revealed But Court Dismiss Charges

San Jose, CA: The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office has dropped additional cases related to a former San Jose police officer who was implicated in a scandal involving racist and homophobic text messages.

Mark McNamara, a former officer, resigned in November following the discovery of incriminating text messages during an internal investigation. There were offensive comments made about a Black man who was shot and injured outside a taquería in March 2022.

The D.A.’s office informed the public defender that it identified 54 cases in which charges were filed involving McNamara. Thirteen cases in which he is involved have already been dismissed.

This week, the D.A.’s office announced the dismissal of five additional cases.

McNamara’s ability to be re-hired as a police officer in California has been temporarily suspended, pending further investigation.

The public defender of Santa Clara County, who played a significant role in the cases under review, expresses appreciation for the dismissal of certain cases, considering it a favorable development. Nevertheless, the public defender is advocating for the dismissal of all cases involving McNamara.

A federal judge has mandated the disclosure of an additional set of texts from a former San Jose police officer. These newly revealed messages, spanning over a two-month period, contain numerous instances of racism, homophobia, and disrespect towards various marginalized groups, including Black, Asian, and gay individuals, as well as women and people with mental disabilities.

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