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Quick Action Saved a Family from Potential Robbery But Claimed Life of One Armed Intruder

Quick Action Saved a Family from Potential Robbery But Claimed Life of One Armed Intruder

One of the three suspects was killed when a Los Angeles homeowner acted quickly in response to an armed invasion in the early hours of Saturday morning. A grandmother and a child who were present at the time of the attempted home invasion were involved in the horrifying events.

The incident happened inside a house in the Granada Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, in the 11400 block of Swinton Avenue. The homeowner discovered three armed burglars trying to break in. It was while a grandmother and a child were inside the house that the suspects—whose identities have not been made public—broke in.

When the homeowner realized there was an immediate threat of armed intruders in their home, he opened fire on the suspects. During the subsequent gunfight, one of the burglars was fatally shot, marking a tragic end for one of the perpetrators.

The remaining suspects were driven from the house by the homeowner. The suspects left the scene without taking the black BMW sedan they had arrived in.

The homeowner immediately reported the attempted home invasion and the use of deadly force against the armed intruders to the police after the incident.

As of right now, no one has been taken into custody concerning the attempted home invasion, and the homeowner is being treated by law enforcement as having acted in self-defense.

The quick thinking and action potentially saved the lives of all the people in that house. Investigations are underway on whether the use of deadly force by the homeowner was an appropriate choice or not.

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