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Power Outage in Oregon Left Thousands Without Heat; 14 Deaths Reported in Oregon Due to Harsh Weather

Power Outage in Oregon Left Thousands Without Heat; 14 Deaths Reported in Oregon Due to Harsh Weather

Portland, Oregon: Almost over 50,000 people in Oregon were affected seriously after a power outage amid the Arctic Blast. It was advised to stay at home but the homes had no heating after the state witnessed a massive power cut amid the Arctic Blast.

The power outage stranded thousands without heat on Tuesday evening. 14 deaths have been reported in the state of Oregon due to the Arctic Blast. The outage was caused by a winter storm in the western part of the state.

In general, the Pacific Northwest was getting ready for freezing rain and ice, but western Oregon was expecting the worst of it. That’s because up to half an inch of ice was expected to cover the state’s three biggest cities, Portland, Salem, and Eugene, through early Wednesday morning.

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Many of their residents will have to deal with the cold weather without heat because a storm over the weekend knocked out power in some places and made it harder to fix. Other parts of the country have had smaller blackouts, but the authorities say that no other state has as many as 10,000 electric users without electricity.

Portland General Electric and the National Weather Service both said that more power outages may happen. The National Weather Service made a warning saying, “Ice is likely to cause power outages and tree damage.” It might be hard to travel.

Because of the ice, a 47-mile stretch of Interstate 84 that connects Portland to the Columbia River Gorge was closed. People have also been told not to go outside, even on foot, because the streets are so slippery.

In the last few days, the weather has been linked to 14 deaths. Five of the deaths were in Oregon, where people died of being too cold and two were killed by falling trees. A truck hit and killed a snowmobiler in Utah, an avalanche killed a skier in Wyoming, and three people in Wisconsin may have died of being too cold. A snowplow and an SUV crashed into each other on New Jersey’s slippery Garden State Parkway on Tuesday, killing two.

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