Portland Weather Forecast for the Coming Week

Portland Weather Forecast for the Coming Week

The Portland metro area had rough weather today. At the airport, the max gust was 46 mph and temperatures were in the mid-upper teens all day. Winds above 50 mph hit many West Hills and central/east/southeast metro districts.

Ice pellets, snow, and freezing rain have fallen today. Northern metro areas receive more snow, while southern metro areas have ice pellets.

Sunday will be quieter with a cloudy sky, but it will still be cold in the 20s. Roads won’t thaw tomorrow, but the strong wind has partially covered numerous roads in ice/snow.

Monday should be sunny, although the easterly wind will return. Strong and frigid, yet not harmful. That keeps us below freezing again, although sunny roads should defrost in the afternoon.

Unfortunately, another weaker weather system will arrive in the second half of Tuesday, locking in the frigid air. Later that day and potentially into Wednesday early, most of the metro region should get freezing rain.

On Wednesday, a warm southerly wind clears the frigid air, bringing showers.

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