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Portland Teachers’ Strike Ends: Students To Attend Classes after an Agreement

Portland Teachers’ Strike Ends: Students To Attend Classes after an Agreement

Portland teachers’ strike came to an end after the union signed a deal with the authorities. Teachers, counselors, and other school employees from Portland, Oregon formed the union and put forward their demands.

Nearly 45,000 students missed their classes in the largest district of Oregon for more than 3 weeks.

The district and the union, which represents roughly 3,700 teachers and other school workers, were at the loggerheads on a number of issues, including pay, class sizes, and the amount of time teachers have to plan.

According to the union, the tentative agreement provides 6.25 percent raises for employees in the first year of the contract, with additional raises of 4.5 percent and 3 percent in the following years.

Students lost nearly 12 days of instruction at the school and as per the agreement the teachers will shorten the winter break to make up for the time lost.

Last year, the teachers went on a strike in Minneapolis that stopped the instruction for 14 days.

The classes are now planned to resume on Monday. The strike started on 1st November and holidays came in between that reduced the number of instruction days missed.

This strike will have a negative effect on the overall education system of the district. Portland Public Schools were hit the hardest during the Covid-19 pandemic. The absentee rate may jump up thanks to this strike. Black, Native American, and Hispanic student community absentee rates will be a strong predictor of the aftermath of this strike.

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