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Police Chase Ended When Maserati Driver Crashed the Stolen Car

Police Chase Ended When Maserati Driver Crashed the Stolen Car

Miami-Dade, Florida: A hot car chase ended when the driver intentionally rammed the stolen Maserati in a police car that was chasing the car.

A recent dash camera video demonstrates the aggressive police pursuit of a man last month in a stolen Maserati, who the police claim deliberately collided with an officer’s car.

The Florida Highway Patrol on Tuesday made available a video of the Dec. 27 chase from the viewpoint of a K-9 trooper who was taking part in it.

The FHP claims that as troopers attempted to halt the stolen Maserati automobile near Northwest 19th Avenue and Miami Gardens Drive, the suspect ran away, setting off a brief police chase.

According to authorities, the motorist purposefully collided with an unmarked Miami Gardens Police car to halt the pursuit.

Before the collision, the video shows the trooper and other law enforcement pursuing the speeding Maserati through residential areas and on public roads.

Several officers made swift movements as they removed the suspect from the Maserati.

The suspect, 22-year-old Rodrigo Jose Perez, was carrying a revolver, which he threw on the car’s floorboard, according to the arrest report.

Charges against Perez included aggravated assault on a law enforcement official, evading and running from the police, and having a weapon in his possession as a convicted felon.

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