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Poison Expert Husband Killed Wife to Pay off His Student Debt in Minnesota

Poison Expert Husband Killed Wife to Pay off His Student Debt in Minnesota

According to a new search warrant obtained by multiple news outlets, the man who is accused of poisoning his pharmacist wife to death in August 2023 looked online for “widower” before she died and then changed his online dating profile to say that he was one.

Connor Bowman, 31, was charged with first-degree planned murder and second-degree murder with intent in Minnesota in January for poisoning his wife Betty Bowman and killing her. This was reported by the Olmsted County Attorney’s Office. He was first caught on October 20, 2023.

He may or may not have made a plea, and online court records show that his lawyer dropped out of the case last fall. It is not clear if he has a lawyer right now.

A criminal charge says that Connor poisoned his wife Betty with liquid colchicine. She died on August 20, 2023, four days after being taken to the hospital with severe stomach pain. The National Library of Medicine says that the substance is used to treat gout and that high doses can be deadly.

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In addition to working as a poison expert for the University of Kansas, Connor was a medical resident at the Mayo Clinic. Betty, on the other hand, was a pharmacist at the Mayo Clinic.

Multiple women told local investigators that they talked to Connor on the dating app Bumble in the days and weeks after his wife died. This information was gathered from a search warrant made on May 7 and shared by NBC News, KAAL-TV, and CBS News.

According to the warrant, a woman who matched with Connor on September 5, 2023, said he called himself a “widower” on his page and asked him if it was okay to flirt with people on the app. There is an order saying that on August 18, 2023, Connor looked for the gender-neutral/masculine version of “widow” on his phone.

His married status was changed on the dating site, but it wasn’t made clear when it happened. CBS News reported the warrant as saying that the police have asked Bumble for information about Connor’s account access and profile changes around the time of his wife’s death.

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Connor also met a woman on August 29, 2023, who said she “thought it was strange” that he had said he was going to get a big life insurance payout and use it to pay off his school loans.

The criminal complaint that came out in January says that after Betty died, Connor reportedly told the medical examiner’s office not to do an autopsy and instead asked that Betty be cremated, saying that her death was natural.

Betty died “following a sudden onset autoimmune and infectious illness,” according to her death notice. According to the lawsuit, Connor told doctors that his wife had hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis. White blood cells fight other blood cells in this rare auto-immune disease, which can lead to organ failure in more than one body part.

Connor is due back in court on June 11.

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