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‘PFAS’ aka ‘Forever Chemicals’ Found in Lakes and Rivers, Fish also show Traces

‘PFAS’ aka ‘Forever Chemicals’ Found in Lakes and Rivers, Fish also show Traces

The alarmingly high concentration of PFAS detected in freshwater fish worries scientists, fishermen, and environmental activists across the country. Advisories against eating fish that contain PFAS have been issued by at least 17 states.
There are warnings from some residents not to eat any fish that has been caught in specific lakes or rivers due to the potentially harmful levels of chemicals.
What is deemed safe to eat differs greatly between states in the absence of federal guidance, with the majority of states having no regulations.

Mercury has long been known to be a neurotoxin that is most harmful to developing fetuses. However, Dianne Kopec, a researcher and faculty fellow at the University of Maine who studies PFAS and mercury in wildlife, cautioned that eating fish with high concentrations of PFAS may be more harmful than mercury.

California is the state with almost every fishing source labeled as catch and release. The legacy of harmful toxins such as mercury and PCBs, resulting from mining activities has led to this action.

Many military areas face the same issue as equipment and fire drills use PFAS very much. Some states, like Maryland and Michigan, lag when it comes to declaring fish unsafe to eat, while states like New Hampshire, Washington, Maine, and New Jersey have some of the most protective guidelines.

Despite continuing to use firefighting foam made of PFAS chemicals, the military first reported health concerns about these chemicals in the 1970s. Congress ordered the Defence Department to phase out all purchases of retardant containing PFAS by 2024 and to cease purchasing it by October 1.

A recent study found a connection between PFOS and testicular cancer in military personnel.

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