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Pet Sitter Accused of Animal Abuse & Robbery in Tukwila, Washington

Pet Sitter Accused of Animal Abuse & Robbery in Tukwila, Washington

Tukwila, Washington: A couple left their home and pets to celebrate New Year with their family in Tukwila. They hired a dog-sitter to take care of the dogs. But, the dog sitter did the opposite.

The couple, Fidel and Alysa Mendez hired a dog sitter named Jacob from a popular app “Rover.” Both the parties agreed to terms and conditions and the couple left for celebrations before Christmas.

Alysa decided to see the “ring” video camera footage a few days after they departed. The footage captured their dog sitter striking one of their pets again and over.

Alysa remarked, “I was physically shaking and couldn’t sleep. I want charges to be pressed. Because if he did his to us, I can only imagine what has happened in the other homes.”

Alysa phoned Tukwila Police in the morning. When the police arrived, they took the dog sitter out of their house. Jacob is the subject of pending charges, according to Tukwila Police. According to Washington law, animal abuse is a crime.

Fidel remarked, “It was heartbreaking because my dogs are my babies.” Since then, the Rover app has removed Jacob from the listing. They further claim that he took money from their house and beat their dog. They think there should be stricter screening procedures for all pet-sitting.

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