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Parents File Lawsuit Against the Bus Company After 1 Year of Son’s Death

Parents File Lawsuit Against the Bus Company After 1 Year of Son’s Death

Atlantic City, New Jersey: “I just thought everything was normal. I just said goodbye to Landon. Watched him go up the lift and that was the last time I seen him.”

Landon Goff passed away one year earlier. But his parents still mourn over the loss of their lovely child. Now, the parents have dragged the bus company to the court.

Landon Goff was a disabled teenager in a wheelchair. He suffered from a rare disorder called Rett Syndrome.

He choked on his saliva on the way to his special needs school. No one on the bus alerted his parents about the incident. The bus driver and aides didn’t help him or call for help, according to Landon Gaff’s dad, Aaron Kizer-Goff.

The last time Landon rode a school bus, according to his parents and legal representatives, started normally. However, on December 1, 2022, during the forty-minute ride to his special education school, the fifteen-year-old, who used a wheelchair, choked on his saliva and passed out.

Three days later, the Galloway Township tenth grader passed away in a hospital. The cause of death was hypoxic brain injury and upper airway obstruction.

Jennifer Spahr and Aaron Kizer-Goff, parents of the late Landon Goff ust filed a catastrophic negligence lawsuit against Sheppard Bus Services, Inc. The couple is represented through  D’Amato Law Firm.

Landon’s death on December 4th was “preventable and foreseeable,” according to the multi-count complaint, which describes the horrifying acts (and inaction) that transpired on the Sheppard school bus on December 1st.

Landon’s morning bus ride from his family’s home to Cape May County Special Services School, where he was a sophomore, should have gone smoothly. On that particular day, the bus aide—who was also in charge of Landon’s safety and the welfare of the other three students riding in the bus—was a stand-in for the regular bus driver.

Attorney Stephen Van Natten said, ” Bus drivers and bus aides in the state of New Jersey are obligated to be trained in a fashion that they can respond and appropriately act when a situation comes up on a bus.”

According to the family’s solicitors, that day’s bus carried just three other pupils.

A video and audio recording system was installed on the bus, but the lawsuit claims it was not operational. The family is seeking unspecified damages.

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