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Pair Kidnapped Two Boys, Kept Them Locked; Fed them Once in Two Days with No Bathroom Privileges; Arrested in South Carolina

Pair Kidnapped Two Boys, Kept Them Locked; Fed them Once in Two Days with No Bathroom Privileges; Arrested in South Carolina

Authorities have made significant progress in the investigation of two individuals linked to a concerning incident in Myrtle Beach. Recent updates have shed light on the case involving two children who were discovered in a distressed state, prompting immediate action from the police.

Aleesha Michele Washington and Davon Lamont Moore face charges related to kidnapping, child endangerment, and abuse.

According to an incident report, officers were called to the 6300 block of Bay Road at approximately 12:30 a.m. on May 7 regarding a report of abandoned children. Upon the arrival of the authorities, a concerned individual reported hearing a series of knocks on the door of the building, followed by the sighting of two children peering through the window.

As per the report, upon opening the door, one of the boys informed her about their cold and hungry state. According to reports, they claimed to be unaware of their location or the identity of the person who brought them there. According to the report, the victims claimed to have been left at Dunkin Donuts the night before they were discovered.

According to the incident report, the victims informed the police that they were unfamiliar with the individual who gave them a ride. However, they did mention that this person had confined them to a room for prolonged periods in the previous summer.

According to the report, both individuals displayed multiple scars and bruises, primarily on their backs. Additionally, it was reported that one of the individuals involved sustained injuries to their shoulders, legs, and feet, along with a potential infection. The other individual allegedly suffered injuries to his elbow, shin, and knee, along with a potential skin infection.

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As per the report, the police questioned the victims regarding their eating habits. They stated that they were provided with a peanut butter sandwich every one to two days.

According to the report, Moore and Washington had a meeting with the police. According to reports, Moore informed the police that he and another individual, whose name has been redacted, had been responsible for looking after both children for around five years. The home had a total of nine children.

Arrest warrants reveal fresh insights into the living conditions of the children.

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Based on the warrants, Moore and Washington allegedly subjected one of the victims to verbal or electronic coercion, forcing him to confine his adopted brothers in their room and denying them access to food and bathroom facilities.

A separate warrant detailed the disturbing actions of the individuals involved, describing how they confined one of the victims, subjected him to severe physical punishment, and denied him basic necessities. These cruel acts caused lasting disfigurement and threatened his life, had he not received medical attention.

According to the warrants, Washington and Moore subjected a victim to a distressing ordeal, depriving them of basic necessities and subjecting them to severe physical abuse.

During the period from December 2023 to May 2024, Moore and Washington allegedly engaged in the repeated confinement of one of the victims. This involved locking him in his bedroom for extended periods of time, as well as restraining his hands and feet using zip ties and/or other restraints.

According to online records, both Moore and Washington are still in custody at J Reuben Long Detention Center.

The South Carolina Dept. of Social Services (DSS) has confirmed that they are conducting an investigation in collaboration with law enforcement.

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