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Pair Arrested for Horrific Killing of Louisiana Mom-Daughter in Alleged Human Trafficking Attempt: Cops Reveal

Pair Arrested for Horrific Killing of Louisiana Mom-Daughter in Alleged Human Trafficking Attempt: Cops Reveal

A Louisiana man with a lengthy criminal history has been charged with the abduction of two children and the tragic murder of one of them. This heartbreaking incident is being investigated as a potential case of human trafficking.

Shockingly, the suspect has reportedly confessed to his heinous crimes and even expressed that he believes he deserves the ultimate punishment.

David Callihan, 36, confessed to reporters that he was responsible for the tragic death of 4-year-old Erin Brunett. The young girl’s lifeless body was discovered in Callihan’s car in Jackson, Miss., on Thursday. Jalie, her 6-year-old sister, was discovered alive in the vicinity.

“I did it. I have no reason for what I did,” Callihan said. “All I know is I was sober and only on Lexapro, and off Lexapro, and I have also been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder.”

He made his confession to journalists outside police headquarters on Friday in Jackson.

“I have told them everything I did, and I have agreed to not fight it,” he said, as he was being put in the back seat of a Rankin County Sheriff’s Deputy’s vehicle. “For what I did, lethal injection is the easiest thing for me.”

Callihan is facing serious charges of capital murder and sexual battery after allegedly abducting the Brunett sisters from Louisiana and transporting them across state lines into Mississippi, according to a report by WDSU.

Callihan stated that he was not feigning madness. I have obtained certification. I have only been released from the psychiatric facility for two weeks.

Days earlier, the girls’ mother, Callie Brunett, 35, was tragically discovered deceased. There is also suspicion that Callihan may be involved in her death.

The girls were discovered at a disturbing scene in a place that housed small animal cages.

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A blood-covered body was discovered on June 13 at Callie Brunett’s residence in Loranger, Louisiana, which is approximately three hours away from Callihan’s current location in Jackson. According to WDSU, Callihan had a connection with Callie Brunett.

The investigation is now being led by the FBI. Tragically, an Amber alert was issued for Callie’s missing daughters following the devastating discovery of her body inside her trailer.

Callie’s last sighting was on June 11 as reported by The Post.

Calihan stated that he was not contesting the charges and was fully cooperating with law enforcement.

Police have reported that Victoria Cox, who is believed to be connected to the killings that occurred on Thursday, has been taken into custody.

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