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Over 50 Migrants Bussed To Denver From Texas

Over 50 Migrants Bussed To Denver From Texas

Denver, Colorado: Denver welcomed newcomers, or more specifically the migrants, from Texas on Monday morning. On December 4, around 8:30 a.m., the bus carrying 40 to 50 migrants arrived.

Although there have been previous migrations, this group of migrants arrived at Denver’s capitol steps.
Senator Julie Gonzales, a Democrat from Denver, was present when the migrants arrived. The migrants claimed that they had traveled from Eagle Pass, Texas, which has been the entry point for many migrants into Texas.
The migrants are from Venezuela. It was revealed when Gonzales talked to the group of immigrants.

The state has spent roughly $32 million since last year, when migrants were first bussed to Denver.
As per the Denver migrant database, the city has assisted 29,606 migrants to settle in the United States.

Mike Johnston, Mayor of Denver, asked the state of Texas to not send any more immigrants as the state of Colorado is already facing a migrant influx.

Many locals have opposed the migrants coming into their states. “The migrants strain the economy and deprive the citizens to access their tax-sponsored reforms. All the money is spent on these s*itty immigrants,” said one of the locals.

Governor of Texas, Greg Abbot took to X (Formerly Twitter) and said that the state of Texas will bus the migrants and send them to sanctuary cities until Biden secures the US borders.

According to him, the numbers are-

  • Over 12,500 to DC
  • Over 25,000 to NYC
  • Over 20,0000 to Chicago
  • Over 3,200 to Philadelphia
  • Over 7,400 to Denver
  • Over 1,100 to Los Angeles

According to him, it is done to provide relief to the border towns and cities.

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